Moon days

The moon days for the remainder of 2015 are as follows:

We have no classes on these days

Thursday March 5th (full moon)

Friday March 20th (new moon)

Saturday April 4th (full moon)

Saturday April 18th (new moon)

Monday May 4th (full moon)

Monday May 18th (new moon)

Tuesday June 2nd (full moon)

Tuesday June 16th (new moon)

Thursday July 2nd (full moon)

Thursday July 16th (new moon)

Friday July 31st (full moon)

Friday August 14th (new moon)

Saturday August 29th (full moon)

Sunday September 13th (new moon)

Monday September 28th (full moon)

Tuesday October 13th (new moon)

Tuesday October 27th (full moon)

Wednesday November 11th (new moon)

Wednesday November 25th (full moon)

Friday December 11th (new moon)

Friday December 25th (full moon) (Happy Christmas!)