Beginners' classes

All of our Mysore-style classes are suitable for complete beginners.

We do appreciate, however, that you might not want to walk into a class where everyone else knows what they’re doing. So we offer a 1 hour introductory class every Monday evening.

This class can give you a chance to learn the basics and to gain some confidence before attending the Mysore-style classes.

We’ll introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga, including the postures, breathing (including vinyasa), how to build energy and how to cultivate focus through the practice.

There will be plenty of time to ask any questions you may have.

We used to offer this class for free but we found that a significant proportion of the students who booked in for the class didn’t show up! So we decided to charge a small fee of €5. We donate all of this money to a charity which is very close to our hearts. The Odanadi Seva Trust in Mysore, India, rescues, houses and rehabilitates women and children from all forms of sexual violence, with a particular emphasis on human trafficking. You can read more about Odanadi here.

It is our hope that having to part with €5 will encourage you to show up to the class and, if not, at least some good will be done for Odanadi!

Click below to see our schedule. The introductory classes are highlighted in red. If you click on the day you want to attend you can reserve a spot in the class. You can then make your donation by clicking on the Buy A Pass button at the top of this page.

Recommendations for new students

Because of the nature of Mysore-style ashtanga yoga it usually takes a few classes before you will start to get a feel for it. With this in mind we offer your first month of classes for a heavily discounted price.

As a new student, we recommend that you practice at least two or three times a week so that you can start to acclimatise to the practice and to become aware of its effects on your body and mind. This is not a huge time commitment as you will not be spending a large amount of time on each practice session for the first while. After a month you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not to continue with the practice.

Our teacher, Sharath Jois, always says that yoga is like the ocean; you can see the surface of it and think “that’s nice” but it’s not until you go deep inside that you start to really understand what it’s all about. So we strongly suggest that you don’t decide whether to continue or not based on one or two classes. Give yourself a little bit of time to settle into it.

Note: Advance booking is not required for any of our other classes, just come along.


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