We thought that we’d share a few blogs and articles that we found interesting, enlightening or both this week.

First up Chad Herst writes a great blog about Isvara Pranidhana (the last of the niyama). It’s a lengthy one but definitely worth a read Isvara Pranidhana: Sticking with what we truly know.

David Robson of Toronto features twice this week. First up, an interview he did in Portugal and then a blog post which he wrote for elephant journal on correct vinyasa and the variation of the length of the breath. Very interesting indeed. We like how he writes.

Two articles about sportsmen and yoga came up also this week. First of all world-cup-winning rugby team the all-blacks attribute their win totally to yoga (well not totally but we would like if they did). Brad Thorn, at age 37, has just signed a short term contract to play here in Ireland for Leinster. His longevity has definitely been helped by practising yoga. Ryan Giggs, at 38, reckons he might have another 100 games in him for Manchester United. He says that yoga gives him the strength and flexixility to stay in the game.

We liked this straight-forward article about Rolf Sovik of the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo. He highlights the importance of balance in yoga practice and life in general.

But most of all, we loved these photos of Marilyn Monroe doing her yoga practice. You have to check them out!