So our new website is live. I managed to get it done in a couple of days (although I did have to pull an all-nighter on Sunday evening).

I used a website template (or ‘theme’ as they call it in the world of wordpress) which came with a lot of pre-loaded content. Part of that content was ten, or so, blog posts that were meant as samples for whoever was building the website. I deleted them after I noticed they were there.

What I didn’t realise, until our student, Shauna pointed it out to me this morning was that all ten of those blog posts were sent out to everyone who subscribes to our blog. D’oh!

So I just wanted to write another post that you will all get in your inboxes to say sorry for accidentally spamming you all. Also, the posts aren’t actually spam  and they’re not viruses either, so don’t worry about it if you opened them.

That’s all.

Let us know what you think of the new website in the comments section, or if you find anything that doesn’t work (other than the google maps box, I know that doesn’t work already!)

Love to you all.