Yoga Stops Traffick. Wow!!

We’re so proud of all of you wonderful people for coming along and doing 108 sun salutations!! And we’re so proud of the donations you made.

I wasn’t able to make it along myself. I had made a commitment to play on a recording of some music for a new Amazon Prime TV series. Those kinds of recording sessions are scheduled months in advance and there are so many people (and so much money) involved that there’s no getting out of it once it’s set. I was happy to have organised the event though, and so lucky to have such a wonderful wife and yoga-partner to run the event on the day.

When Suzanne told me all about it I was so sad that I wasn’t there. For those of you who couldn’t make it along, everyone in the class counted at least two of the surya namaskara in their own language. We had English, Irish, Polish, Spanish, Croatian, German, and of course, Sanskrit. What a fantastic thing to do. I’m sure everyone came out with a very good feeling of having worked very hard and done something very worthwhile.

In terms of donations (which are still coming in) our current total is €775 taken directly by us plus around €300-350 donated directly to Yoga Stops Traffick by current or former students at the shala who couldn’t make it along on the day.

So that’s over €1,000. I can’t believe we raised such a fantastic amount.

Besides the money side of things, the fact that the children of Odanadi can see that there are people in the world who care about them is a huge deal. For part of their lives, they were neglected, abused, and made to feel like nothing in this world was good. Through Odanadi they have been helped to live a new life. And all of you who came along – and those of you who donated online – are a part of that happy story.

If you would still like to add a donation please do. You can just click below.