A series of workshops with Suzanne and John

Due to popular demand we’ve decided to hold a number of workshops this year. These workshops are intended to compliment your regular practice by focussing in on certain details of the practice and facilitating a deeper understanding of some elements the ashtanga yoga system.

Asana techniques part 1

This workshop will focus on the standing postures of the ashanga yoga primary series. We’ll look at each posture in a little more depth and help you to build the strength and balance required in these challenging asanas.

There will be some more of these types of workshops happening in the future so watch this space.

core strength

Many of us suffer from back pain and sometimes yoga can help. However, through our years of practice it has become apparent to us that some supplemental strengthening can be benificial for many practitioners. This workshop will equip you with some anotomical knowledge of the spine and with some techniqies to build stability in the core of the body 

lifting and floating

One of the two most asked question in ashtanga yoga is: “How can I learn how to lift up and jump back”?

This workshop will focus on helping you to achieve the lifting-up-and-jumping-back element of the practice by building strength and introducing the progressive steps and techniques needed.


The next beginners’ course starts on Monday the 4th of October. Click here to find out more.

We’re offering online classes for everyone and in-person classes for students who are fully vaccinated against Covid. Book your spot here.

The next moon day is Wednesday the 20th of October. There are no classes on that day.

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