Yoga Stops Traffick


Yoga Stops Traffick was set up in 2010 by a group of volunteers who wanted to do something to help. Since 2011 the annual event has been led by a group of young Odanadi residents from the entrance gates of the iconic Mysore Palace, many of whom are survivors of slavery, domestic abuse and forced prostitution. Through the common language of yoga, people around the world unite in support of Odanadi’s work and roll out their mats in homes, beaches and mountaintops on the same day. From the home of Ashtanga in Mysore, a worldwide event is born.

Ashtanga Yoga is of huge significance to the young people of Odanadi. As part of their rehabilitation program, it has allowed them to reclaim their bodies; build physical and mental strength, and restore a sense of peace, confidence and self-worth.

By standing alongside them, you will be demonstrating your solidarity and support for them, as well as sending a message of defiance against a world which allows these horrific abuses to take place.

Now is your chance to make a difference.

March 2nd @ 10am

Our event will take place at the shala, 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2 at 10am on Saturday March 10th 2019.

We will attempt to complete 108 sun salutations but all are welcome to come along and just do as many as you feel like. 

We suggest a donation of €20, the entirety of which will go to Yoga Stops Traffick and Odanadi.

One Day, One Voice

Rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration

Odanadi currently runs two residential rehabilitation and reintegration centres in Mysore, housing up to 100 women and young people at any one time. Every resident has a different story to tell: many have been rescued from the hands of brothel owners and sex traffickers, others from abusive homes, child marriages or domestic and commercial servitude. At Odanadi residents are provided with the skills they need to heal, empower, educate and eventually reintegrate themselves back into mainstream society.

Odanadi’s unique psycho-social therapy programme has become accepted as best practice both within India and internationally. The Union Human Resource Development Ministry has adopted the Odanadi model, and many other Indian state governments have sent rescued girls to Odanadi to facilitate their rehabilitation.

Odanadi’s method is carefully tailored according to each individual’s needs and can entail a wide range of activities, from psychological counseling to art therapy, drama, karate to yoga and acupuncture. Research shows that almost a quarter of trafficking victims are re-trafficked, which is why it is so important for residents to be well prepared for life outside the walls of Odanadi. Odanadi’s aim is to reunite trafficking victims with their families and to give them the necessary tools to face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered individuals.

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We have now moved to number 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street.

Click here to find out about our introductory classes. All proceeds go to Odanadi Seva Trust, a home for trafficked children in Mysore, India.

The next moon-day is Tuesday the 19th of February. There are no classes on that day.

  • 7 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2
  • (087) 2780 559
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