I wasn’t a morning person until I found this shala and now I go there around 6.40am several times a week 🙂 I’m fairly new to Ashtanga and definitely new to the traditional Mysore style, but I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a safe place to learn, practice and progress and Suzanne and John are fantastic teachers.

I really appreciate the amount of 1:1 attention and guidance I receive in every Mysore class, something I missed during guided classes in other yoga studios.

I also recommend checking out the blog and the free ebook on their website.

Wonderful yoga shala!

Sonja Legenstein

John and Suzanne are the most down-to-earth, real, friendly, and welcoming owners of a yoga studio that one could as for. It’s unpretentious and easy-going. This has been my second living room for the past two years, and I wouldn’t replace it for my own.

Linn Larsson

I met Suzanne in 2014. Her meditative approach to the Ashtanga technique got me to come again, her gentle yet firm corrections made me feel being in safe hands. Both John and Suzanne are very approachable and knowledgeable teachers.

Kristina Golub

My favourite shala. John and Suzanne are genuine, warm, friendly teachers and have so much integrity in what they do. I recommend this shala to everyone!

Miriam Needham

I couldn’t recommend Suzanne and John more. They have created a warm, welcoming yoga community in AYSD and are dedicated and knowledgeable teachers. The traditional Mysore style of teaching has really allowed me to explore my yoga practice much more deeply and Suzanne and John are always on hand to give keep me motivated. I’m so happy that I found such a great place to practice!

Kate Evanne Lynch

Fantastic experienced and dedicated teachers. A lovely welcoming Shala – makes you want to go in and get on your mat even on the coldest and darkest of mornings!

Caroline Donellan

Ashtanga Yoga Shala Dublin has two of the best Ashtanga yoga teachers I have come across. It is a very warm and welcoming place for beginners and for those who have an established practice.

Shauna Igoe

“Awesome! No ego! Pure practice! Fantastic people!” – Evgeniya Em

If you want to experience Mysore style in Dublin I highly recommend Suzanne and John! They are dedicated Ashtanga Yoga teachers, I started as a completely beginner, Suzanne and John helped me a lot to build up and fall in love with everyday yoga practice. They run Yoga Philosophy classes on Saturdays which is a great addition to know more about Yoga.

Olga Ugrimova

Thank you Suzanne and John for the most wonderful safe space you provide for us all to practice Ashtanga yoga.

As you know I am a beginner ( in my mid 50’s and I am so delighted to have found your Shala!!) . At best I am a weekly practitioner in your studio regardless of this you show me such patience, respect and guidance as if I am was a daily advanced practitioner which I am so grateful for.

I came across Ashtanga about two years ago when I was going through a really challenging personal time in my work and I felt I needed strength, flexibility and resilience for the changes that were emerging. I had heard Astanga was the toughest yoga and I felt if I embraced it I would be able to withstand the challenges ahead, which it undoubtedly equipped me for. Thank you so much.

Both of you continue to show me at all times nothing but kindness, humility and genuine guidance as I continue to learn this wonderful practice.

Thank you for your amazing support, consistency, strength and love you hold for us all. I have no doubt that the recent challenges will be ‘a walk in the park’ for you two yogis as you lead the way for us all on new and interesting, albeit constantly challenging paths for all our own development.

I wish I knew about this practice in my 20’s and 30’s life as I have no doubt life would have been a bit easier to navigate!

With love light and gratitude to you both and the beautiful community you have established. Niamh

Niamh Cahill

I have been practising with John and Suzanne for two years. During that time I’ve found them both to be incredibly knowledgeable teachers who have a genuine passion for helping everyone develop a yoga practice. On a personal level ashtanga yoga has benefited me on multiple levels and I can’t recommend the shala highly enough.

Peter Cronin

Wonderful place. I visited during a conference and had a wonderful class.

Pernille Thorsen

A great Yoga community practices here, from beginners who have never attended a class, to experienced practitioners, those who have been away and returned to practice and all those in between. Everyone practices together in one room with two dedicated teachers, and a really strong sense of community is felt, even if you have only been practicing for a short time. This becomes evident really quickly. A rare gem in our sometimes crazy world.

Jimmy Beehan

Ashtanga Yoga Shala Dublin has two of the best Ashtanga yoga teachers I have come across. It is a very warm and welcoming place for beginners and for those who have an established practice.

Shauna Igoe

Fantastic experienced and dedicated teachers. A lovely welcoming Shala – makes you want to go in and get on your mat even on the coldest and darkest of mornings!

Caroline Donellan

John and Suzanne are lovely, so kind, and great yoga teachers

Alexandra Gutierrez Gil

John and Suzanne introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga a few years ago. It was my very first yoga class. Most people who know a little bit about yoga will understand my surprise. This was not the yoga I expected and I loved it from my very first practise. I loved the mysore style classes, such personal help one gets to learn each and ever pose at the right time but most importantly the profound sense of peace and happiness it gave me. Nothing else compares to it. It is the best thing anyone can do for themselves – to find the time in the morning to go to the shala and practise Ashtanga with John and Suzanne. I can’t recommend it enough.

Agata Osinska

Love the teachers and the energy in the shala

Ewa Rejman

Amazing and dedicated teachers. The truest Ashtangi teachers your going to find in Dublin. Go visit and then you’ll see! :)A truly special piece of Mysore brought all the way to our wee little Dublin. Thank you guys for the dedication and support you give us all and staying true to your roots. xx

Eva Du

Have been taught by Suzanne and John for years. Old school style. No BS. Just really sound people teaching yoga as it should be taught. If there is one place you are gonna practice ashtanga in Dublin it should be here. Here its done right at the right pace.

Aoife Donnelly

It is very hard to come by a shala like this. Suzanne and John are exactly what anyone wants starting their ashtanga journey, or anyone that has already started that journey but wants that special teacher to help them reach their full potential. After travelling to India many times to practice I can safely say the experience you get in this shala is just as good if not better. The personal touch and their detailed knowledge is exactly what you need and want from a Mysore class. My only regret is that I don’t live closer to practice six days a week with them. An experience worth having.

Leah Byrne

John and Suzanne are two unique yoga instructors, highly tuned to both the ashtanga tradition and also to individual students needs. They have made space for a thriving, friendly and positive community. You’ll feel welcome over and over.

Mícheál Ó Catháin

A beautiful Yoga studio in the heart of Dublin teaching the traditional Ashtanga method. Suzanne and John are lovely teachers with great experience and vast knowledge. Highly recommended!

Vivien Franck

John and Suzanne are the genuine article – two people who truly embody the principles of yoga. Their patient, caring and skilful approach to helping others enjoy the benefits of Ashtanga is what makes them such great teachers. As an aside, they’re also lovely people!


Can not say enough great things about Suzanne and John, Not only they are knowledgable, helpful, and thorough; They are friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around. They know how to adjust you to help you to go deeper in your practice. Since I go there I feel home and always feel welcome. They are empathy, attention to detail, encouragement and a great sense of humour… I highly recommend the Shala for the atmosphere but also for the practice itself ! , thanks a lot for everything !!! x

Helene Thomas

Really the best place in Dublin for asthanga yoga, the teacher is gentle and helpful. You definitely shouldn’t miss it if you are also a fan of yoga

Jing Zhang

By far my favourite ashtanga shala in Ireland run by two of the most beautiful humans I have had the pleasure to know and learn from

Claire McGrath - world champion body builder

I’m relatively new to yoga, and a late starter. I wish I knew about this practice in my 20s. I love the space to practice at my own pace, considering I’m so unpracticed. John and Suzanne, and the other teachers and students are very supportive. I’ve cancelled my gym membership. I’m not a great at yoga, but this is my practice now. Try it out.

Mark Nolan
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