Beginners' classes

Every Thursday evening at 7:45 pm we hold an introductory class at the shala and online, via Zoom.

When you sign up for your first 30 days you can choose to attend one of these introductory classes if you’re a complete beginner or if you’re new to the shala and would like to cover the absolute basics of the ashtanga yoga practice.

The introductory class will introduce the postures, the breathing method (including vinyasa), and how to build energy and cultivate focus through the practice of ashtanga yoga.

There will be lots of opportunities to ask questions.

Over the subsequent 30 days, we recommend that you attend at least two classes per week, during which we’ll cover all the fundamentals of ashtanga yoga and make sure you begin your journey in the best way possible.

Please note that in order to attend in-person classes at the shala all students need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

It’s not essential, even for complete beginners, to attend an introductory class (although, if possible, we do recommend it). Beginners may, instead, attend one of our Mysore-style classes. If you have any questions just Contact us for a chat.
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Ashtanga Yoga Shala Dublin
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Jean Kelly Harp
Jean Kelly Harp
21:07 27 Jan 21
Brilliant teaching, I love these classes.
Jane Martin
Jane Martin
15:28 27 Jan 21
10 years at the Shala..... I know I'm not the only person who thought that I would never last at "this game"!!My first Shavasana (is that even spelt right), well, it was a lot different then!This practice has got me through an awful lot, and it has to be said, continues to carry me through an awful lot - I've never come out of a Yoga class feeling worse than when I started, ever!!I am also very very grateful to have found Ashtanga Yoga and importantly two of the very best teachers you could find, they are both absolutely brilliant.So, thank you very much to Ashtanga Yoga and to two amazing teachers, Suzanne and John xxx
Luca Marchesotti
Luca Marchesotti
10:38 26 Apr 20
I have practicing with John and Suzanne for more than two years and I can say that it was a game changer experience. Ashtanga is now with me everywhere I go, part of my life now and I guess forever.John and Suzanne are super teachers and super dedicated : the reference for the Ashtanga community in Ireland. Their shala is welcoming and feels like a big group of friends.If you are a novice, you will yourself comfortable from day zero.
petar dukić
petar dukić
14:31 11 Nov 19
I am practicing with John and Suzanne over two years now and feeling so grateful for them being my teachers, and for passing on this beautiful knowledge and practice on me. I started yoga journey with them and always felt safe and supported which is of utmost importance to me. Morning classes with Suzanne are, at least for me, more playful, and afternoon classes with John are more meditative. Both of them encourage students to cultivate their own natural curiosity, authenticity and connection. If you are looking for a traditional Mysore ashtanga yoga classes and supporting, loving and community oriented shala in Dublin you are at the right place :)P.S. to not forget assistants and their lovely adjustments!
Aga W
Aga W
18:46 21 Sep 19
I was looking for an Ashtanga teacher for a while, as a beginner, I was only practicing few months at home . I was terrified of my first visit at Mysore class, but absolutely unnecessary 🙂 I felt so welcome, and got little tips when forgot next asanas in the sequence due to stress 😉 and those little adjustments and help from Suzanne and another teacher, priceless to me, thank you. Yoga Shala Dublin- I felt this place since first visit, there is something about it. Place itself is lovely too, so bright, could be quite busy, but everyone will find their little spot.
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Our next beginners’ course will start on February 3rd. Find out more by clicking here. If you’d like to get started sooner contact us by clicking here.

We’re offering online classes for everyone and in-person classes for students who are fully vaccinated against Covid. Book your spot here.

The next moon day is Monday the 17th of January. There are no classes on that day.

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  • (087) 2780 559
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